Canna Consulting offers end-to-end services to assist you every step of the way in the establishment of your Medical Cannabis production facility. Whether you merely require a few hours of ad-hoc consulting to gain a deeper understanding of the plant’s requirements or whether your needs are more comprehensive, we have an offering to suit.


A site audit consists of a visit to the intended grow site by a master cultivator who will asses the location, climatic, soil and security of the location from an experienced perspective. The deliverable on this service is a feasibility report that will detail all findings and motivate recommendations. Use this service to avoid costly mistakes when acquiring land for your medical Cannabis project.



The deliverable for a site design is a comprehensive document detailing a step by step chronological sequence of actions, soil amendment and inoculation procedures, fertilisation program, pest and disease control program as well as processing procedures. 


Having been active in the Cannabis movement and industry for decades, Canna Consulting core members are known and trusted within those networks and have access to a skills pool of highly experienced cultivators who are ready to enter the legal industry. We can assist with sourcing, screening and placing of key personnel.


SAHPRA license applications. Fully compliant Site master file development with QMS and all required SOP’s to GMP standard.


Comprehensive and detailed  software based financial modelling workshop helps you to develop a business strategy that suits your specific needs.


Laboratory analyses of soil and water is a critical prerequisite for all the services offered above. Canna Consulting offers this service through our science and technology partner but you are free to use the lab of your choice.


Canna Consulting will mentor and support your staff as part of a skills transfer initiative coupled to various support packages that could range from a Canna Consulting master cultivator on site full time to the occasional site visit.

Canna Consulting is committed to spreading knowledge about all aspects of the commercial cannabis industry, including Outdoor & Greenhouse methods etc.

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