TheBox – mold remediation



Crop-Saving Technology

With ‘TheBOX™’ organic mold remediation technology, cultivators can revitalize crops that have been impacted by mold or other microbial contamination, creating a foolproof solution to a difficult industry problem.

Remove pathogens such as clostridium sporogenes, geobacillus stearothemophilus, aspergillus, bacillus atrophaeus, and more. TheBox’s extraordinary purification power eliminates 600,000 CFU of pathogens. All with no impact on cannabinoids, THC, CBD, or terpenes.

Additionally, cultivators can use TheBOX for terpene infusion or to re-hydrate cannabis or hemp that has become too dry and would otherwise be discarded or turned into an inferior product.

The technology was optimized for agriculture using healthcare validation standards. TheBOX™ delivers a fresh, safe, and pure flower safe for any consumer.


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