DryGair Dehumidifiers



DryGair Energies has designed and developed a dehumidification solution which controls humidity while improving energy efficiency and creating uniformity, and homogeneous conditions in the greenhouse.

Water vapor is emitted from the plant itself and from the soil continually, this humidity ends up trapped in a closed greenhouse environment, affecting the plants’ ability to grow, transpire and photosynthesize. High humidity levels also cause moisture build-up on the plants surface. These conditions have a negative effect on the plants’ yield and growth and allow for the appearance of mold and bacteria build up, a leading cause of crop loss.

Benefits of humidity control:

  • Improved growing technique

  • Energy efficiency

  • Better yield quality and quantity

  • Reduced pesticide usage

  • Prevention of humidity diseases

  • Denser crop placement

  • Reduction in CO2 loss

  • Financial savings


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