Following the successful implementation of a 1200 square meter Proof-Of-Concept, Biophilic Cannabis facility for Morama Holdings in Lesotho, Cannaconsulting’s mandate was extended to scale the project up by a mind boggling 15000 square meters, bringing the total canopy space of the facility near Maseru, Lesotho to 16200 square meters. Phase 2 of the project is on track to be completed by Q4 and will culminate in the facility being the largest in Lesotho to date.

Morama Holdings Phase 2 Medical Cannabis facility being constructed.

Morama holdings selected Cannaconsulting to design, implement and manage cultivation at the mega facility based on Cannaconsulting’s trademarked Biophilic cultivation strategy that delivers top quality medical Cannabis at ultra low production costs by leveraging natural technologies such as no-till cultivation, natural lighting and ventilation, and a range of microbiome enhancing solutions that are manufactured on site rather than importing expensive fertilisers.

“Our vision to establish Biophilic Cannabis as the de-facto cultivation standard is a lot closer to being realised with this phase of the Morama project” stated Lawrence Sharpley, Cultivation Director at Cannaconsulting