One of the biggest challenges faced by commercial cultivation operations is drying and curing. Not only does traditional drying and curing techniques require vast amounts of space, it is time consuming and risky. Every hour spent in the drying room is an hour where the drying crop is at risk of mold and bacterial infection.

At Cannaconsulting we are constantly researching and evaluating new technology in the Cannabis space to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving Cannabis industry. Dhydratech is one such disruptive technology that is bound to create industry leaders through a strategic competitive advantage.

The Dhydratech system is a fully automated, closed-loop drying technology that retains the cultivar’s vital compounds. It’s incredibly fast and easily scalable. Truly an accelerator for cannabis processing and overall operations. The flagship model can dry and cure an astounding 5900kg of flower in a week without affecting the integrity of the Cannabinoids or Terpenes. FAVS-Frequency Assisted Vacuum System removes moisture from cannabis buds in a vacuum thermal energy system. This results in fast processing with no light exposure and very low oxygen.

What this translates to is shorter processing times, shorter sales cycles and less exposure to mold risk. All of which results in a more efficient and profitable operation.

Cannaconsulting is the sole South African agent for Dhydratech. Contact us today to find out how Dhydratech can streamline your medical Cannabis business.