As cultivation service providers to Agribiomed, Cannaconsulting’s trademarked Biophilic production methodologies will be audited by CCI Deloitte as part of Agribiomed’s audit. This landmark audit will ensure that Agribiomed is compliant with what has been called “the gold standard” of medical Cannabis and by extension, will give Cannaconsulting’s Biophilic Cultivation methodologies the green flag.

The cornerstone of the Biophilic cultivation method is a healthy microbiome and no till, living soil planting beds. This allows the soil microbiology to develop to an apex condition where the complex relationship between the plant, the microbes, and the soil facilitates not only highly precise nutrient delivery and uptake, but also disposes of plant waste products that attract pests and diseases while continuously building and enhancing the soil. 

Missouri based CCI was acquired by Deloitte in 2019 to enhance its growing cannabis consulting practice. The newly formed CCI Deloitte now operates out of Canada.

“Canada has quickly become a global leader in the cannabis industry,” said Anthony Viel, CEO, Deloitte Canada. “As legislation evolves in other countries, it’s important for businesses to understand and prepare for unique risks and challenges. Businesses will need to continue innovating to secure a healthy, sustainable competitive position. By putting Canadian values at the forefront, we can shape the future of responsible and competitive cannabis business growth to help the industry mature in Canada and around the world.”