Cravo President, Richard Volbrecht and Lawrence Sharpley of Cannaconsulting recently completed a tour of South Africa during which a collaboration agreement was reached between the two companies to bring an end to end cultivation solution suitable to African conditions to the market by combining Cravo Retracteable Roof systems with Biophilic Cultivation.

This results in the lowest per gram production costs for medical Cannabis anywhere in the world while delivering superior quality product.

The Cravo retractable roof system solves all the problems associated with cultivating in a traditional greenhouse in the tropics or subtropics namely, heat and humidity buildup that result in a myriad of plant stresses and diseases.

Cravo retractable roof systems work with 3 layers of retractable screens; a rain and hail proof whiteout screen, insect proof shade screen, and 100% light deprivation screen.  These retractable screens allow the cultivator to make optimum use of natural climatic conditions, direct sunlight, and natural ventilation when feasible while simultaneously allowing complete protection from detrimental environmental factors such as rain, hail, and wind by simply opening or closing the appropriate screens accordingly.