Cannaconsulting’s first Biophilic Proof of Concept project is nearing completion of the construction phase.

The project, undertaken for an anonymous client at an undisclosed location, will be 2400 square meters in extent and will include a greenhouse as well as a net structure trial of various strains of high CBD medical Cannabis for the export market. Cannaconsulting’s trademark Biophilic cultivation methodologies will be used thoughout the trial. Biophilic cultivation leverages natures microbial technology to ensure optimum plant health and immunity which translates to lower production costs of top quality organic Cannabis with very low energy requirements.

All the microbial teas and extracts used in the nutrification program are manufactured on-site in custom equipment supplied by Daggaboer.

400lt bubblers used for on-site manufacture of Aerated Compost Extract

A bulk custom living soil mix is prepared on-site and will be used in purpose made, geotextile raised beds in a no-till system.