Agribiomed (ABM), a South African company that is well established in serving the wellness and healthcare markets with high quality Hemp and Cannabis products, hired Cannaconsulting to design and manage their Lesotho based Medical Cannabis cultivation project. ABM secured a license to cultivate 3 hectares of Cannabis near Maseru for the Medical export market.

In stark contrast to most of the other organisations entering the Medical Cannabis sector in Lesotho, ABM have adopted a holistic and inclusive strategy that will see extensive environmental and social integration of the project with the surrounding community and environment. As such, Cannaconsulting will design the climate controlled greenhouse operation to integrate with, and enhance rather than detract from the surrounding landscape.

Cannaconsulting’s Biophilic production methodologies that are heavily focused on generating soil biology and a healthy microbiome will be used inside the greenhouses that will be fitted with the latest energy efficient lighting and climate control technology. Biophilic production makes use of biological pest management strategies and conforms to the primary maxim of organic production; “Feed the soil, not the plant”. Cannabis plants that are cultivated using these methodologies have been shown to be superior in terms of terpene and Cannabinoid production, have a natural immunity and resistance to pests and diseases, and have growth rates on a par with (and often superior to) conventional “technological” methods.