About Us

Canna Consulting draws on more than 2 decades of collective experience among our master growers to deliver the most viable, tailor-made medical cannabis production program most suited to your needs.

Our area of knowledge and expertise lies within the realm of Outdoor and Greenhouse growing of medical grade, organically grown plants using the most advanced Biophilic production methodologies such as Biodynamic, probiotic and enzyme based fertilizers which we produce ourselves, establishing and integrating the production with expanded supporting ecosystems which provide the raw materials needed for fertilizer production, and using biological pest and fungus control.

We will assist and advise you every step of the way, starting with a site and people survey to determine individual goals as well as a host of variables ranging from soil and water analyses to historic climate data to ensure we propose the most viable production methodology for your grow set out in a comprehensive design document.

Workshops are conducted to ensure that your staff receives practical, hands-on experience and regular site visits by our master growers ensures that everything remains on track. Should you require additional support, our ticketing system will ensure the attention of a master grower within a guaranteed turnaround time.

Why choose us

Tailor-Made Grow Programmes

High Quality Products / Organic Methods

Decades of Experience