The rapid rate at which technology is evolving to meet the needs of the emerging Medical Cannabis industry is nothing less than astounding. In a competitive market such as this, a technological advantage is often what distinguishes one organisation from another and Cannaconsulting is constantly reviewing and evaluating new technology to be able to advise our clients and keep them ahead of the pack. In light of the above, Cannaconsulting is happy to announce a retail partnership with, a leading supplier of high quality industrial harvesting equipment. 

The full stable of Greenbroz equipment includes various dry trimmers, sorters, trichome extractors, a precision batcher, destemmer, and a series of rosin presses. 

A highly innovative offering from Greenbroz is “The Box”, an organic mold remediation technology with which cultivators can revitalise crops that have been impacted by mold or other microbial contamination, creating a foolproof solution to a difficult industry problem. Additionally, cultivators can use TheBOX for terpene infusion or to re-hydrate cannabis or hemp that has become too dry and would otherwise be discarded or turned into an inferior product. 

For more information on the Greenbroz product range, please email