Wecann Lesotho, a subsidiary of Wecann South Africa, secured a License for the production of Medical Cannabis from the Lesotho Department of Health and approached Cannaconsulting to assist with the design and management of the operation.

The operation will comprise a 3 Hectare, climate controlled greenhouse facility with capacity to produce multiple grow cycles per year. In addition to deploying the latest cutting edge lighting technology, the operation will differentiate itself by adopting Cannaconsulting’s biophilic production methodologies. By focusing on the microbiome, fertiliser and pesticide usage becomes significantly less when compared to conventional production methodologies while growth rates and yields have been documented to be at least on a par.

Wecann Lesotho is committed to producing an ethical product and as such, the entire operation will be powered by renewable energy while waste management as well as pest management will be strictly through biological means. By adopting Cannaconsultings Probiotic, biologically sound methods, Wecann Lesotho will produce a superior product by all definitions of the phrase.