Canna Consulting draws on more than 2 decades of collective experience among our master growers to deliver the most viable, tailor-made medical cannabis production program most suited to your needs.

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    Tailor-Made Grow Program

    Grows are as versatile as growers and no 2 are the same. We will design your site and program uniquely suited to your specific needs.

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    Don't Panic, It's Organic!

    There is no disputing the superior quality of organic plants. Our organic Cannabis production methodologies are tried and tested.

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    Avoid the Costly Learning Curve

    It took us decades and many mistakes to acquire our knowledge and devise your methods.  Capitalise on our experience.

Consulting Program

  • Site Survey and Analysis
  • Site Design, Project Planning and Cultivation Program Documents
  • Skills Acquisition Workshops
  • Introduction to Cannabis Cultivation Basics, Soil  Chemistry and the Microbe Biome
  • Emergency On-site Support
  • Fermentations, Compost Making and Compost Extracts
  • Pests, Diseases, Deficiency Identification and Remediation
  • Harvesting, Processing, Drying and Curing
  • Scheduled Site Visits and Mentoring
  • Remote Support via Ticketing System